About Dr. Monica


Hi there!  I'm Dr. Monica O'Neal.  I am a Harvard-trained Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Expert, and Media Consultant.  I completed my schooling and training at various prestigious institutions in the East Coast including: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The George Washington University, and Harvard Medical School. Because of my nearly 17 years of direct clinical experience, I own and operate a thriving private practice in the Back Bay in Boston. Popularly known as "Dr. Monica," I specialize in the treatment of relationship challenges and interpersonal conflicts. People often seek my help when faced with a variety of relationship issues, including infidelity/commitment issues, difficult breakups, marriageability, and interracial/cultural relationship issues, among many other.  When I'm not at my clinical practice, I am a lecturer at Harvard’s Medical School and previously served nearly 5 years as a Staff Psychologist with Harvard University’s Health Services. 

Aside from my clinical work, I consult on various topics of psychology and mental health.  I love relating complex psychological concepts to popular culture and making it approachable for all. I have been a frequently featured guest blogger for The Boston Globe and I am highly requested speaker.  I also have been lucky enough appear in popular news outlets and journals such as “Cosmopolitan,” “Women’s Health,” and “BuzzFeed," and "Marie Claire", in addition to appearing on national and local television and radio, including SiriusXM. 

As a relationship expert, I am also keenly interested in using technology to help people develop learn how to create and maintain intimacy.  Often, my writing surrounding the complexity and depth of dating and relationships and other mental health concerns, combining her knowledge of clinical research and real-life experiences in love and dating. You can also often hear Boston's most popular morning show,  AMP 103.3 Radio’s “The TJ Show”  from time to time, as they value my relatable, honest, and humorous expert commentary. 

I am 100% a city dweller, taking in all Boston has to offer. I am an avid foodie and I always welcome recommendations for any local dining gems. I also won't let a week by without hitting up my favorite pilates and cycling studios. In the summer, if you see a woman zipping by on a white bicycle in the Back Bay, that's probably me.  On the other hand, I can't wait or the summer to arrive when I spend most of my weekends outdoors and working at the first, ever "camp" for adults.  I believe in, and ultimately try to lead, a rich, colorful, and well-rounded life.