Meet Ms. Fancy, my ceramic pig and my psychotherapy spirit animal.  She epitomizes that the impossible can become know..."when pigs fly."  I believe that a good psychotherapy will make the life you never thought you'd be able to live, accessible and a reality.

Please read all of the following carefully


why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can be a helpful tool in addressing the afflictions of our daily lives, often caused by past challenges and experiences.  Talking about your life in a supportive, confidential manner can open up greater insight about the patterns and beliefs we have internalized about ourselves and the world.  Developing this insight increases ones awareness and ability to make thoughtful, helpful choices which can improve our quality of life and put us on the path to get what we most desire out of life.

Among the conditions and symptoms which propel one into treatment are: situational or chronic depression, anxiety, relationship problems, sudden loss, lack of direction, job problems and stress.  Psychotherapy is not only helpful to resolving some of your immediate discomfort but also helping you develop healthier coping skills for future concerns.



Treatment can be solution and symptom focused, a course which is generally brief in nature.  Treatment can also involve a longer term, more introspective approach where the goal is to uncover the underlying basis for feelings, behaviors, choices and actions. In either approach, the aim is similar – to afford you a greater range of choices in how you experience your life.


Dr. monica's Style and Method

My clinical style is interactive in sessions, maintaining a challenging yet warm, supportive, and encouraging presence.  I also operate from a place exploring patterns of behavior, originating from childhood and usually a function of our family and early experiences.  One would call me an "insight-oriented" or a "psychodynamic" clinician. 

I've been told that I shoot straight from the hip, offering interpretations which manage to both hold someone accountable for their behavior but also make them feel validated, seen, and accepted.  I usually do this through my lively sense of humor, helping my clients learn to laugh at themselves and feel at ease in the most uncomfortable of situations.  Most importantly, however, I always lead with compassion and curiosity as to encourage a safe and trusting bond so that my patients also learn to approach themselves and their lives with compassion and curiosity, instead of judgement, fear, and expecting the worst. 

I also strongly believe that that weekly psychotherapy sessions are usually the most effective and I typically requires this from all of my clients, though all treatment decisions will always be cooperatively discussed.  Furthermore, I do not participate as a contracted provider with any health insurance plans so please consider that carefully before you decide to move forward.  



Please keep in mind that I try my best to respond to every inquiry within a timely manner. However, if you haven't received a response from me within week's time, please feel free to follow up via email at 
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An initial consultation does not guarantee that we will work together in a psychotherapy, nor does it mean that you are my patient.  I will always be assessing what is best for your overall treatment at every stage of our interaction.  If I determine that it does not make sense for us to work together, I will do my best to provide an appropriate referral.